Top 10 Social Media Websites in 2023

Top 10 Social Media Websites in 2023

Nowadays all of us have embraced technology in our daily lives which connects us with others. Every year the number of social media users is increasing exponentially and now we passed the 3.8
billion mark from all across the world. This leads us to the fact that in the coming years there is a huge scope for marketers and small businesses to connect with a massive and engaged audience on social media. Also among top sites,  Asian websites and apps have become the hottest trend while contributing their largest share in the transforming economies.

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social media websites of 2020 which are being explored worldwide.


Today Facebook is the
largest social media site in the world. In 2020 there has been a record of 2.6
billion active users until now and it is believed that almost every third social media user has an account on Facebook. Users can share post photos links videos on their feed with the public or with their Facebook friends added to the list. It is an excellent platform for the promotion of brands and nearly around 65 million businesses are using Facebook Pages. Also, more than 6
million advertisers are actively present to promote their products using paid ads on Facebook.


Launched in 2010
Instagram is entirely based on sharing photos and videos through either public or private accounts. New features were added on regular updates and now one can use Instagram Stories IGTV and go live to connect with other users. Currently, it's one of the fastest-growing social media platforms where around 95 million photos are uploaded daily. Since the day it has been launched more than 40
billion approximately photos have been shared on the site.


YouTube hails as one of
the most popular social media sites in the world and is known as the second largest search engine after google. Over one billion videos are watched in a
single day! Youtube enables users to create a channel where they can upload and share videos! This social media platform is accessible across the globe where one can view, Like, comment on videos, and even subscribe to a channel to follow them.


Twitter is an interesting social media platform that lets users engage on top trending topics by following celebrities and world-renowned personalities. Users can post and
interact with 280-character messages known as Tweet that can be accompanied
by images videos gifs and hyperlinks. According to a survey every day, nearly about 460 000 new Twitter accounts are registered. Till now there have been 330 million monthly active users and 550 million tweets posted every single day.


Whatsapp is a popular messaging app launched back in 2009 and has grown exponentially over all these years. Now with an average of 1 million people registered on WhatsApp daily. The user must sign up with a standard mobile phone number to make a
Whatsapp account where one can share text messages,  images, videos,  voice notes,  audio files, and documents. After being acquired by Facebook the platform has introduced many exciting features of a group calling WhatsApp Status feature new privacy settings and an option of creating a Business account as well!


TikTok is one of the top-ranking social media platforms which are often used by young and teenage people for developing entertaining comedic and engaging short-form video content by setting tune of popular songs or movie dialogues. TikTok gained its popularity first in Asia and then spread into western countries. The app has similar features of Instagram and musically. Right now the app is a tough competition for Facebook Instagram and other social media.


Pinterest is designed as a
virtual scrapbooking social media website that enables users to create and collect images on a specific topic or product and then saves them on a bulletin board. It is mostly used by new or aspiring brands to create Shoppable Pins through which users can choose an option to purchase. Over 335 million monthly
active users are recorded in Pinterest that have formed around 200 billion pins
on over 4 billion boards.


Snapchat is a highly visual social media app that is meant to share ‘snaps’ to friends or as
24-hour status just like other platforms. Snapchat has introduced several
features filters lenses and updates over the years. Now there have been 229
million daily active users globally making a record of sharing 3 billion snaps on a regular basis on this platform.


Qzone is a China-based social networking platform launched in 2005 where users can share photos videos listen to songs write blogs and can write personalized diaries. The interesting features of Qzone have attracted its users where they can create
1000 albums which can save around 10000 photos. In 2020 Qzone is recorded as one of the most active communities in the whole industry.


Wechat has increased its monthly active users to an estimated 1 billion; the feature of this social media site is similar to Whatsapp and Messenger. Recently with new updates, it has added the options of online shopping offline payments transferring money making
reservations booking cabs and taxis, and a lot more. Wechat is popular in China and other parts of the Asian continent only. Protection Status