How to create child panel?

Indianvipsmm Child Panel

Unlock the opportunity to resell our SMM services with your own Child Panel. Exclusively linked to, this white-label panel, available at just ₹500 per month, comes with unlimited monthly orders. Present the services as your own to your clientele. Invest a mere ₹500 monthly, establish your own SMM Panel, and embark on your online earning journey.

How to Order a Child Panel?

            1. Purchase a domain from
            2. Once you have your domain, navigate to the Child Panel page and order the Child Panel using your new domain name.
            3. After securing the Child Panel, configure your Domain DNS by setting our name server to and Your Child Panel will be activated within 2-3 hours.
            4. Upon activation, access your Child Panel admin area by going to 'YourDomain/Admin'. Here, you can import our services, setting your desired profit margin between 20% to 100%.
            5. If you encounter issues importing our services, kindly provide us with your Child Panel admin credentials, and we'll assist you in the setup process.

            Child Panel Highlights

                                1. Seamlessly integrate all services from via our API.
                                2. Customize your pricing with flexible profit margins.
                                3. Enjoy support for various global currencies.
                                4. Full control: Add, modify, or disable services as needed.
                                5. Incorporate your preferred payment gateway.
                                6. Direct payment collection from your clients.
                                7. Comprehensive admin panel features and beyond.
                                8. Complimentary HTTPS/SSL certificate for security.
                                9. Customize with our free theme options.
                                10. Packed with unique, standout features.

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